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Working with Opto

Opto is a platform that unlocks access to differentiated private markets opportunities for high-quality wealth managers

A tech-driven platform for fiduciaries that streamlines the investment process, with the tools and content they need to invest with confidence.

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Building quality partnerships


Fund managers

Looking to connect with the growing individual investor market, but with streamlined administrative processes and a network of pre-screened wealth managers

Wealth managers

Looking for a partner to help them build a private markets program for their clients, but with less onerous administration and access to pre-diligenced, high-conviction funds

Opto Investments

We connect fund managers with wealth managers exploring private markets opportunities

How it works

Advisor experience

Portfolio construction & insights
Advisors sign up to our platform, which offers bespoke portfolio and custom fund construction tools, and the insights necessary to invest in private markets funds with conviction
Performance modeling
Advisors model allocations to understand how they may help meet specific client goals, or how a custom fund-of-funds might positively impact their different client profiles
Guided access & execution
Opto suggests an appropriate allocation and a customized portfolio of funds available on our platform or identifies outside opportunities that best suit the client's goals, and guides them through executing that investment

GP experience

Efficient diligence
Treat us like any other LP. We will conduct an efficient due diligence process on your fund or opportunity - and maintain open channels of communication as we do so
Single LP
If we believe your strategy will help our clients meet their goals, Opto will either directly invest or gauge interest in the offering from our wealth managers. Either way, you deal with just one LP.
Certainty of execution
We may use our own balance sheet to commit to your fund, creating certainty for you around execution. We then allow our wealth manager community to participate in the investment via our platform.
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Let's connect

We’re always looking for quality GPs

Given our investment model, we are always on the lookout for high-quality GPs with differentiated investment theses, strong networks, and unique value propositions.
Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 9.28.59 PM
Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 9.28.59 PM

Our diligence process

  • We perform our own in-house diligence review, including detailed statistical analysis. Each investment must be unanimously approved by our experienced investment committee.
  • We leverage the work of the best institutional research firms, including Aksia and LCG, which represent over $350B in assets under advisement.
  • We tap our extensive networks to confirm our views and ensure that every manager treats their LPs with the respect they deserve
Learn more about our process and how we deliver on our promise

Common questions

  • How much is this going to cost me?

    Nothing. Unlike others in the industry, we do not currently charge GPs for inclusion on our platform. We select fund managers based on merit. You just need to onboard Opto like any other LP, with a single point of contact.

  • Who are your clients?

    We work with the best private wealth managers that cater to high-net-worth clients and families. These are “fee only” advisors that act as fiduciaries to their clients - just like us. We pre-screen the firms before allowing them to access our database to make sure we keep out bad actors.
  • How does Opto pick the best managers?

    A combination of rigorous due diligence and an extensive and exclusive network.

    We perform our own in-house diligence review, including detailed statistical analysis, supplemented by the best institutional research firms, including Aksia and LCG, which represent over $350B in assets under advisement. We also tap our networks to confirm our views and ensure that every manager treats their LPs with the respect they deserve. Each investment must then be unanimously approved by our experienced investment committee.

    Our founder, Joe Lonsdale, has deep roots in Silicon Valley giving us unrivaled access to the venture capital community, one of the most difficult private market communities to access. Moreover, Joe’s experience as a founder and investor across many business sectors provides deep connectivity across various private markets in the US and abroad.

    In addition, our senior investment team includes experts from across private markets with decades of experience and broad networks.

  • How is Opto different from other alternative investment platforms?

    There are a lot of platforms out there offering “democratization of alternatives” and “exclusive access.” We started Opto because we didn’t think they were delivering the best opportunities in private markets. Opto has created a complete end-to-end solution for advisors from idea generation to execution. 

    Because of the way our platform is structured, Opto can create custom portfolios of funds for our clients, while still acting as a single LP to you. Our open-architecture platform also allows us to create custom products, including permanent capital vehicles, that are optimized for the high-net-worth investor.

    Furthermore, our financial success does not derive from bringing as many funds as possible onto our platform, but instead from strong fund performance. We are structured to succeed when our investors succeed.

  • How does Opto make money?

    We have various arrangements with clients but in general, Opto will charge some combination of a small software fee, a low management fee, and an incentive fee for meeting return targets over a hurdle. This means we are incentivized to pick the best managers and are aligned with our clients’ goals. We do not currently charge GPs for inclusion on our platform.
  • How do I know my information is secure?

    We understand that one of the most important things in private markets is to ensure that information is kept secure and only shared with the right people. In addition to the built-in exclusivity of our ecosystem, we ensure that any confidential information on your fund is only shared with investors in that vehicle, and no one else. 
  • What do you need from us?

    • Treat us like one of your best LPs - because we will be one.
    • Full transparency for our pre-onboarding diligence process.
    • A standard agreement that confirms our relationship and ensures we can allow our clients to participate in the allocation we secure from you.
    • Access to your fund marketing materials and reporting to keep investors on our platform informed.
    • A video interview with an investment leader at your firm to showcase your strategy and thought leadership. Our in-house team will reach out to you and make the process super easy. These high-quality marketing assets are also yours to use as you see fit.

We connect you with the advisor community, with minimal fuss


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